Data on Both Urban and Rural Hospitals

Location, Size, Type, and Most Recent Margins

This table includes information on urban and rural hospitals that were operating in 2022. Financial data shown are from the Medicare Cost Report filed in the most recent fiscal year available as of January 2023. The table can be sorted by clicking the arrows next to each column heading. The data can be restricted to a specific state or hospital or to hospitals within a specific range of expenses or margins using the filtering boxes.

Many hospitals have a positive total margin despite incurring losses on patient services because they receive revenues from investments, other businesses, local tax revenues, state grants, or federal grants that offset the losses. If these other sources of revenue were to decrease or be terminated, the hospital might no longer have revenues sufficient to cover its costs.

Financial margins reported in fiscal years that ended after March 2020 and before June 2021 will generally differ significantly from earlier years because they include the initial months of the pandemic when some of the biggest impacts on hospital costs and revenues occurred. Total margins increased for many hospitals in both 2020 and 2021 because of the receipt of special federal assistance during the pandemic.

Information on margins in earlier years for rural hospitals are shown in the tables on Size and Financial Status of Rural Hospitals and Trend in Rural Hospital Margins.

Additional details on the methodology used to calculate the margins are available in the Methodology section.