Data on Rural Hospitals

Size and Financial Status of Rural Hospitals

This table includes (1) all hospitals currently located in a rural area and (2) rural hospitals that have closed since 2005. Financial data are only shown if the hospital filed a Medicare Cost Report in 2012 or later. Financial data shown are from the Medicare Cost Reports available as of January 2023. (The same data are shown in the map on the main page.)

Many small rural hospitals have a positive total margin despite incurring losses on patient services because they receive local tax revenues or state grants that offset the losses. If these other sources of revenue were to decrease or be terminated, the hospital would no longer have revenues sufficient to cover its costs.

Additional details on the methodology are available in the Methodology section.

The table can be sorted by clicking the arrows next to each column heading. The data can be restricted to a specific state or hospital or to hospitals within a specific range of expenses or margins using the filtering boxes.